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Home Insulation Installation – The Aeon process

Choosing the right insulation for your home is a crucial first step to a warm, healthy home. Knowing how much you need and installing it can be difficult, and physically challenging. Let Aeon make it easy for you and guide you through our insulation installation process.

We offer Home Insulation Installation services in Hamilton, Cambridge and the surrounding Waikato region. 

Step 1 Booking a Free Home Consultation.

Aeon always starts with a free home consultation. We can assess any existing insulation and discuss if any remedies need to be made. We will measure the size of your home and provide you with all options available to ensure your home meets New Zealand insulation standards.

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Step 2 Booking an install date

We aim to complete our install within two weeks of our customers accepting a quote. Our friendly Installation installers will contact you to arrange a time that suits you.


Step 3 Home Insulation Install

The install time can vary widely due to house size, and the roof, and underfloor access. Our insulation installers can generally give you an accurate time frame at the start of the job.


Step 4 Follow up

As with all installs, no job is complete until a follow-up call has been made with every customer. Your initial consultant will call you to ensure the process went smoothly and make sure you are happy with your new warm home.


Insulation service areas

Aeon energy service the Waikato region installing home insulation. Get in touch with your nearest Aeon energy insulation specialist.


•  Home Insulation Cambridge

Home Insulation Hamilton


Service Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Our team offer an obligation free home estimation and can ensure you have the right home energy solution.

Home Insulation Installation FAQs

My house already has insulation. Is it good enough?

Correct insulation installation is important for making sure insulation works. Badly fitted insulation isn’t as effective and stops you from getting the most out of your investment. We recommend getting an installer who knows what they’re doing, luckily Aeon energy use qualified insulation installers to fit your home insulation.

Why home insulation is so important?

An un-insulated home uses up to 30% more energy to heat than one with accurately installed insulation. This is why insulation is one of the most intelligent investments you can perform in your home*

*Fung.J.’SR 230- Higher than NZBC Thermal Insulation in New Housing Cost-Benefit Analysis’ BRANZ Report 2010.  

Which homes already have insulation?

Pre-1950s house

  • Houses built before the 1950s, such as villas, bungalows, and state houses, were not usually insulated.
  • Fitting insulation is usually straightforward as these houses tend to have high roof spaces and easy access to underfloor areas.

The 1950s to 1970s house

  • Before 1978 houses were not required to be insulated, so insulation was not common.
  • The characteristic flat roofs of 1960s houses pose challenges for fitting ceiling insulation.
  • Access to wall spaces is difficult.
  • Access to underfloor spaces is different between houses.

The 1980s to mid-1990s house

  • These houses often have some insulation and need topping up for more effective insulation.

The mid-1990s to 2000s house 

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