Landlords Is Your Rental Up To Scratch?

The Government deadline Is looming for Rental Insulation.


We are Heat Pumps, Solar energy, Insulation & Ventilation specialists In Hamilton

Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Aeon Energy stocks and installs a wide range of heat pumps and air conditioning systems from industry-leading brands, we can help you choose the right heat pump for your home or office.

Solar Panels & Solar Energy

Why Solar energy? It’s the fastest growing energy resource, and is more affordable than ever. We can help you choose the right system for your home.

Home Insulation

The most cost-effective method of warming your home and saving on your energy bill. We can help you choose the best solution

Home Ventilation

A dry home is a healthy home. Our range of ventilation systems can help minimise mould while making your home easier to heat.

Industry leading brands we partner with

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Learn energy saving tips and stay up to date about the latest news relating to home efficiency, heating, ventilation and solar technology, and home health.

Why do I need Insulation in my home?

Warming your home starts with quality insulation. Keep the warmth in your home, and your energy bill down

Is a heat pump expensive to run?

The most efficient way to heat your house, heat pumps make your home warm and cozy while keeping your energy bill low.

Is my house right for Solar power?

What better way to reduce your power bill, than creating your own power. See if your home is suitable for solar today.

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Our team offer an obligation free home assessment and can ensure you have the right energy solution for your home.

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