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The Advantages of Solar Energy

Enough sunlight reaches the earth in one hour to power the world for an entire year. Unlike the substantial resources and capital needed to extract and burn fossil fuels, anyone can purchase and install solar panels to take advantage of this abundance of sunlight. Best of all, solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.

Save on electricity bills

Installing solar panels significantly reduces monthly electricity bills and dependence on the power grid. This energy independence protects against rising electricity costs and volatile fuel prices. With analysts forecasting continued increases in electricity rates, solar remains a cost-effective solution and long-term investment in the future.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Unlike energy generated by fossil fuels, solar doesn’t release harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. Sustainable carbon-free energy solutions such as solar are crucial to slowing the pace of climate change and preventing further damage to the environment.

Increases The Value of your Home

Studies have shown properties with solar systems sell up to 20 percent faster and at a 17 percent premium compared to homes without such systems. A solar installation makes your property more attractive to buyers, increasing its resale value.

Our team offer an obligation free home assessment and can ensure you have the right level of insulation for your home.

Solar Energy FAQs

Which size system will i need?

Choosing the size of the system is all dependant on the amount of power consumption required to run your home.

Some people may choose to install a small system to lower their power bill while others may look to minimise their need to pay for power at all. The average New Zealand home requires a system between 5-6 kilowatts to achieve this.

Our trained solar technicians offer a free home assessment and can help you choose the right system by analyzing your past power consumption.

What side of the roof do I put the solar panels?

The North facing sector of the roof is optimal for solar power generation. Panels on an Eastern or Western facing roof will still create sufficient power. Panels on the Southern facing sector of a roof are not recommended.

What is the payback period for a solar power system?

In most cases the typical payback period is between 8 and 10 years.

This is dependent on the amount of power the system creates and the cost of power in your region.

As the cost of power continues to increase, it is likely the payback period will continue to decrease.

How long will a solar power system last?

Our solar panels come with a 20 year warranty, that guarantees the panels will provide at least 80% of the rated use after 20 years.

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